100 Years of Fiolax

20 February 2011 | Hannah Hogan

Otto Schott, the founder of SCHOTT, introduced this high quality pharmaceutical tubing on to the market in 1911 and Fiolax has remained the benchmark product for high-quality primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Prof. Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT AG says: “Manufacturing high-quality special glass tubing for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is one of our main fields of expertise and a core business at SCHOTT. Our Fiolax pharmaceutical tubing is the world’s most frequently used material for manufacturing primary pharmaceutical packaging. With Fiolax, we offer pharmaceutical companies a premium product that meets the highest quality standards worldwide”.
SCHOTT Fiolax pharmaceutical glass tubing is known for its extremely high cosmetic and geometric quality. This translates into the lowest possible glass defect rates with narrow geometric tolerances. In addition, SCHOTT Fiolax is very durable and resistant to production processes and is used to produce high-quality syringes, cartridges, vials and ampoules for the pharmaceutical industry.
SCHOTT Fiolax is a Type I borosilicate glass that has been optimized specifically for use in pharmaceutical packaging. It can be easily sterilised and features excellent barrier properties for sensitive drugs. Because of its low alkali content and optional UV protection, it preserves a medicine’s effectiveness for many years to come. Fiolax is therefore extremely well suited for being processed into packaging materials for use in biotechnology.

SCHOTT manufactures Fiolax pharmaceutical glass tubing in Germany, Spain, Brazil and India and thanks to the uniform worldwide manufacturing quality standards, SCHOTT is always able to provide its customers with products of the same high quality from various sites.

Each year, SCHOTT manufactures around one million kilometres of pharmaceutical tubing – that is 25 times the circumference of the earth.