Adelphi Solves a Photosensitive Issue

20 October 2015 | Hannah Hogan

"Adelphi Healthcare Packaging is a company that is ready to help its customers. We had a problem when using a light sensitive dye in solution. Amber glass vials did not sufficiently protect the dye from fading rapidly.

Wrapping the vials in aluminium foil did prevent colour loss, but was prone to tearing after repeated sampling. Adelphi provided the problem solver; they sprayed the outside of the vial with black paint! Technically.

You might well ask if the dye is so sensitive to light how can we work with it? Well its back to wrapping microwell plates with aluminium foil during use while avoiding direct sunlight and overhead lights. There is some truth in the old remark, R&D is like working in the dark much of the time..."

Penned by Chairman of Biocolor, Dr. RJ. Elliott

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