Christmas Competition

7 December 2012 | Hannah Hogan

Whilst out on a pre-Christmas team building excursion ice skating, 4 of Santa's reindeer have gone missing...

TASK: Help Santa find his lost reindeer as otherwise his sleigh won't have enough reindeer power to get off the ground, meaning all the good boys and girls will be left without any presents this year!

   Hint: the next clues are always only one click away

How to win:

Follow the cules and email Santa the names of the 4 missing reindeer and on the 20th December we will draw out the names of the 6 lucky winners and send each of the lucky boys and girls a bottle of Ridgeview bubbly!

Don't forget to email Santa your answers.

Good Luck and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Tim, Gavin, Penny, Jim, Marie, Des, Jacqui, Anna-Louise, Nick, Casey, John and Duncan.