Christmas Competition 2014

8 December 2014 | Hannah Hogan

Santa is well known at the North Pole for his friendly welcome, however over the last year he has put a roof over the heads of growing numbers of South Pole penguins who got lost on their winter holiday in the Arctic.

It's now getting close to Christmas and the naughty penguins have over run his workshop and are causing delays in the toy production.

Santa needs your help to catch the penguins to free up production personnel.

Hint: the penguins are all hiding on the English language version of the site

Don't forget to email Santa your answers.

On 18th December we will draw out names of 6 people who have captured one or more penguins and then send the lucky boys and girls a bottle of Ridgeview bubbly!

Tim, Gavin, Penny, Marie, Jacqui, Des, Anna-Louise, Sally, Lorna & Nick

* maximum one prize per person