Elm Dosing Assistant

15 June 2011 | Hannah Hogan

The Dosing Assistant is to be used with elm-plastic Oral Dosing Pipettes and is particulary useful for patients who have concerns with their motor skills, such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers diseases. Also, they can be of assistance in situations where a healthcare professional or care worker is required to dose the patient and the Dosing Assistant is preset to the correct dose, which helps guarantee the right volume of drug is administered.

It is also possible to print the Dosing Assistant so that patients with reading difficulties are easily able to dose the correct volume of product.

How to use the Dosing Assistant:

  • Preset the required dose volume on to the assistant via the red indicator
  • Clip the dosing assistant on to the collar of the pipette body
  • Insert the pipette into the bottle
  • Now only the preset volume can now be withdrawn through the pulling of the plunger