InJentle Syringes

10 February 2010 | Hannah Hogan

SCHOTT InJentle™ prefillable syringes were developed for the special needs of highly sensitive drugs. Its unique design offers improved drug stability and a gentle application. The drug is not in contact with the needle or the adhesive of the prefillable syringe during storage, which prevents sensitive drugs from interacting with the adhesive or the metal of the needle creating similar stability test requirements as vials.

The innovative tamper evident seal design allows the drug only to flow into the needle at the very moment when the syringe is opened, i.e. when the needle shield is pulled off. The tamper-evident closure enables both physicians and patients to determine if the syringe is still unused.

SCHOTT InJentle™ prefillable syringes exhibit a whole range of additional advantages. For example, the special geometry of the glass barrel does not require the use of any tungsten during the glass forming process. As a result, the syringe is completely tungsten-free. Also SCHOTT InJentle™ allows the us e of particularly thin needles up to 32 gauge. Also a needle shield protects the needle and minimizes the risk from the occurrence of ‘hooks’. Consequently, thinner and sharper ‘virgin’ needles make the injection less painful for patients.