Medisize 2 Part Dosing System

17 June 2011 | Hannah Hogan

Medisize's innovation team has developed a new generation dosing system with a wide range of advantages for the user and the manufacturer over Oral Dosing Pipettes and Dosing Cups.

All you have to do is unscrew the screw cap and the vacuum which is created during this movement draws up a metered dose into a chamber in the bottle neck, ready for dispensing.

The new 2 component dosing system allows easy dispensing of a consistent amount of liquid contained in a bottle automatically every time it is opened. The system works with standard thread PP28 PET Bottles as well as Syrup Bottles and can be optimised for a wide range of products with different viscosities.

Advantages of the Medisize Dosing System:

  • Dosing occurs intuitively and does not require extra explanation compared to other systems
  • Provides better control of dosing - prevention of over and under dosing
  • No drop counting necessary
  • The system consists of only two parts and a dip tube
  • Dose volume can be specified by the customer
  • The dosage accuracy is +/- 5%


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