Warehouse Completion

2 January 2012 | Hannah Hogan

Due to the consistent growth of our busienss over the past years and the market trend for moving the responsibility of stock holding down the supply chain, we have invested in the future with the addition of a new warehouse.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Increased Capacity - achieved with the addition of mobile racking whihc boosts our capacity by aproximately 2,000 pallets in addition to our existing warehouse facility.
  • Greater Flexibility - in particular we can hold stock especially for you, which together with our just-in-time delivery capabilities, enable you to streamline your business and reduce your overheads.
  • Contingency Stock - having two warehouses means that we now have contingency stock for a significant number of items, which in the event of an unexpected incident occurring to one or other of the warehouses, satisfies disaster recovery needs.
  • Environmental Benefits - the South East roof elevation is covered with an array of 256 SCHOTT Solar Photovoltaic Panels, producing 50kW of energy for our own use, with the excess being fed back into the power grid.
  • Stable Storage Environment - super-insulated walls and roof and an automatic heating system means a more stable environment for our stock.
  • Cleaner Storage Environment - the walls are painted with a plasticised paint which enables us to easily and thoroughly clean the storage environment helping to maintain the cleanliness of the cnotained pharmaceutical packaging products.