Warehouse Extension

11 January 2017 | Hannah Hogan

At Adelphi we pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds. Large stock holding capacity is what makes this possible. 

Continued growth, along with the desire to maintain our superior service levels has prompted the decision to extend our warehouse, increasing our already impressive stock holding capacity by up to 600 pallet spaces.

The warehouse contains space-maximising mobile racking, is super-insulated, and is kept at a constant temperature providing a stable storage environment.

In-keeping with our commitment to environmentally friendly practices the racking aisles have sensored lighting, and SCHOTT Solar Photovoltaic panels supply us with sustainable energy for our own use, with any surplus being fed back into the power grid.

The new extension also features two purpose-built repacking rooms.  These rooms provide dedicated areas for the repacking of products in a more hygienic environment.  The rooms are cleaned regularly and are over-pressured to aid in maintaining that cleanliness.

All in all, we are extremely happy with these developments, and are confident they will enable us to provide an even better, and more efficient service.