SCHOTT OPC ampoules have a number of benefits over the conventional ceramic colour break ampoules. Find out more about our range of Ampoules.

Benefits of OPC ampoules

  • Tighter distribution of breakforce values compared to ceramic ring ampoules
  • Significant reduction in risk of there being very hard to open ampoules
  • Reduced particle emission when opening. No more enamel flakes from ceramic breakrings can fall into the drug
  • Cleaner break aspect, reduced risk of sharp glass peaks at the opening
  • The standard now for Europe’s major pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • No modifications required for your filling and processing equipment
  • Reduced risk of accidental breakages in your production or in transit to your customers

ISO 9187:2000 Breakforce Ranges

Size OPC Ceramic Breakring
1 - 3ml 25 - 65N 30 - 80N
5ml 30 - 70N 30 - 80N
10ml 30 - 80N 30 - 90N
20 - 25ml 30 - 80N 30 - 100N

Stock Sizes Available

Item Code
1ml Closed Clear AICCF001
1ml Closed Amber AICAF001
2ml Closed Clear AICCF002
2ml Closed Amber AICAF002
5ml Closed Clear AICCF005
10ml Closed Clear AICCF010

Other sizes in Clear or Amber are available

Please Contact Us if you would like samples or additional details on OPC ampoules

SCHOTT OPC and SCHOTT Colour Break Ampoules in Clear and Amber Fiolax® Tubular Glass