PAPERFLEX - the paper tube

Posted on Jul 07, 2011 by

Linhardt win the 'Design Plus' award for their innovative Paperflex tube at the Materials Vision competition in Frankfurt, Germany.

The jury at the competition were more than impressed by Linhardt's innovative Paperflex tube, which is made from more than 50% paper.

Paperflex tubes are manufactured according to the Multiflex principle:

As with Linhardt's Multiflex Tubes, the Paperflex tube is a multi-layer tube with various functional layers as well as decorative layers. The revolutionary feature which makes the Paperflex tube such an important product is that the plastic or aluminium layers in conventional collapsible tubes, which are responsible for the tubes form have been replaced by a layer of paper.

The Paperflex Tube is made from a laminate of paper with PE on the inner and outer surfaces with an internal layer of PET covered with Silicon Oxide providing the barrier to oxygen and moisture vapour:

PE - Paper - PET SiO - PE

The "Design Plus" prize was awarded to Linhardt by the world renowned German Design Council. The yearly international competition highlights pioneering materials, prototypes and products which employ innovative processing techniques or materials in the manufacturing process. The entries to the competition are assessed according to the quality of design, the choice of materials, functionality, technical quality, ecological quality and the overall concept.