Christmas Competition 2015

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 by Hannah

Merry Christmas and welcome to our annual Christmas competition edition of The Adelphi Oracle, which brings you our Christmas Cheer and the chance to win some of our award winning local Ridgeview Sussex Bubbly!


Help Santa find some Winter Games competitors!!!

King Penguin of the South Pole has challenged Santa and the North Pole to a Winter Games competition of: moguls, ice hockey & snow boarding. If the North Pole loses, King Penguin gets all the World's Christmas presents!

Santa and his elves are all too busy preparing for Christmas and so they need your help to find 3 suitable challengers to take part in the games on their behalf.

Luckily for Santa there are 3 ideal candidates practicing on the Adelphi website.…

All you need to do is follow the clues and email Santa with their names.

On 18th December we will draw out the names of 6 people who found the 3 contestants and send the lucky boys and girls their bottles of bubbly!

Good Luck and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Tim, Gavin, Penny, Jim, Marie, Jacqui, Des, Anna-Louise, Nick, Lorna, David, Stacey & Adam