Christmas Competition 2022

7 December 2022 | Hannah Hogan

Welcome to Adelphi's Annual Christmas Competition

Play along for the chance to win one of six bottles of award winning Ridgeview Sussex Bubbly

These Pesky Cats Have Been At the
Christmas Tree!

You know that feeling; you've worked up the motivation to climb up to the loft, hefted down the tree and myriad boxes of baubles, tinsel and lights; outdone yourself beautifying the tree...

...and then the cats get involved. Oh joy!

Bubbles and Scamp are having a great time, but now the tree is looking decidedly bare.

Please help!

Help us find the baubles so we can get the tree looking festive!!!

6 jaunty baubles have been scattered, pinged and rolled all over the Adelphi website.

Search the site to find the missing baubles, then send the correct page names to

To say thanks we'll enter your name into a prize draw once for each bauble found, for a chance to win one of 6 bottles of award winning Ridgeview Sussex Bubbly.

Get your answers in by close-of-business on Tuesday 13th December to be in with a chance to win.

HINT: They are all on the English language version of the site.

Good Luck!!!

Adelphi snowmen