Linhardt Developments

15 August 2013 | Nick Atkins

This level of expenditure is consistent with the average of € 11 million invested every year by Linhardt in machinery and facilities.

ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management System

Linhardt's recent focus on improving their sustainability has led to their certification in the ISO 50001 Standard which refers to the efficient use of energy. Given the high energy demands from the manufacturing process, Linhardt are a beacon of excellence in the industry as they are the first tube manufacturer to be awarded with this certification.

Low Bisphenol-A Lacquers

Recent studies by the FDA* into the existance of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in materials intended for food contact applications, which is a component of all internal lacquers used in aluminium tube production, has highlighted potential health issues.

Linhardt has therefore proactively minimised these potential risks by identifying new lacquers with ultra-low BPA levels (BPA-free is not possible as it can be found everywhere in the environment after decades industrial usage). Linhardt has already validated the lacquers for use with their collapsible aluminium tubes and this option is now available to all customers.

Continous Improvement

Linhardt’s commitment to the environment and industry standards are not the only developments at Linhardt as their R&D department has been busy expanding the Multiflex® Tube range as well as tailoring existing Linhardt innovations for various customers.

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* as of 15/08/13