Upcoming SCHOTT Webinars

12 May 2022 | Hannah Hogan

SCHOTT Share Their Expertise

The SCHOTT Pharmaversity is a unique teaching platform for experts in pharmaceutical packaging to share their knowledge and experience. From experts, for experts. An inspirational networking hub to share know-how, latest research findings and product updates with pharmaceutical companies from around the world.

Reserve your place on the following upcoming sessions:

Taking integrated needle safety systems for prefilled syringes to the next level

Webinar: 25th May 2022 | 4 PM (CET) / 2 PM (GMT)

Today’s mass vaccination programs highlight the increasing importance of needle safety and enhanced usability in drug delivery systems. Needle safety and usability is a greater challenge than ever for new types of medication in new types of surroundings.

Reliable partners, ease of integration, sustainability, and a product that offers the flexibility to support a wide range of different drugs are all critical and important selection criteria. The integrated Credence Companion® and SCHOTT syringe safety system are able to deliver all of these advantages and upgrades integrated safety systems to the next level. Join the live session to learn more about needle safety systems.


Vials for Biologics

Webinar: 1st June 2022 | 4 PM (CET) / 2 PM (GMT)

Due to large, complex and therefore sensitive molecules, biologics pose a challenge to standard drug containment solutions. Their sensitivity towards leachables, the necessity of lyophilization or their tendency to adsorb might require a special inner glass surface quality. Storage at deep cold temperatures pose additional challenges with regard to container closure integrity and strength. Their high value put even more pressure on the reduction of final rejects and on the ability for track-and-trace on unique container level.

Take part in this Pharmaversity session to understand which vial solutions exist to tackle the challenges that biologics pose towards primary packaging.


Bridging the gap - Assuring sterility of RTU containers from end-to-end

Webinar: 1st June 2022 | 4 PM (CET) / 2 PM (GMT)

When filling in aseptic environments, a strict contamination control is indispensable. This requires that all introduced components must be free from contamination. This also applies to the outer packaging of ready-to-use containers, namely tub and Tyvek®, as these components enter the aseptic core before delidding of the tub to take out the primary packaging containers for filling.

As the current market standard secondary packaging cannot assure the sterility of the outside of the tub and Tyvek®, pharma companies rely on cumbersome and expensive surface decontamination. The webinar will provide details on improved packaging and machining concepts assuring sterility from end-to-end in a No-Touch-Transfer process.