At Adelphi Healthcare Packaging we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the best quality primary packaging and medical devices.

It is because of this that we are the exclusive agent and distributors for some of the world’s leading primary packaging producers who manufacture to the highest international standards and quality guidelines.


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  • SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging - glass crimp neck vials, screw neck vials & ampoules


    SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging focuses on the development and manufacture of primary packaging products made of special glass and other materials…

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  • West rubber stoppers, flurotec coated stoppers & aluminium crimp seals


    West is the world’s premier manufacturer of elastomer components and systems for injectable drug delivery, including stoppers and seals for vials…

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  • Linhardt collapsible aluminium tubes, collapsible plastic tubes and rigid aluminium cans


    Established in 1943, Linhardt is a leading manufacturer of collapsible aluminium and plastic tubes as well as rigid aluminium containers in Europe.

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  • Aero Pump pharmaceutical nasal pump, topical pump, throat pump & preservative free pump manufacturer

    Aero Pump

    Located near to Frankfurt Germany, Aero Pump has been an independent family business since 1976 and is a specialist producer of atomisers, sprays…

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  • elm-plastic GmbH oral dosing pipette, applicator pipette and intrammamary injectors


    elm-plastic GmbH produce a wide and ever-increasing range of pharmaceutical and veterinary dosing pipettes, applicators and related parts and…

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  • Inden Pharma - Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

    Inden Pharma

    With two state of the art production facilities in Alicante, Inden Pharma offer 100% cleanroom manufactured bottles in PET, HDPE and Polypropylene,…

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  • Disposable-Lab sterile vial manufacturer - Pyrofree vials & stoppers


    Eurofins Amatsigroup through Disposable Lab SAS site operates as a Contract Development (CDO) and a Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation…

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  • STELLA screw caps 28mm, 18mm as well as various drop dispensing bottles and single dose tubes


    STELLA Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a specialist company dealing with the development, production and sales of packaging material made of glass…

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  • MediMop sterile vial adaptors suitable for 20mm and 13mm crimp neck vials


    MediMop Medical Projects Ltd. is a subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services and produces devices for the reconstitution, mixing and transfer…

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  • Connection - Protective Vial Sleeves


    Connexion specialises in the development and delivery of sleeve concepts for the pharmaceutical industry.Protective Vial Sleeves to Protect Glass Vials

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