Connexion Baexem BV

Connection - Protective Vial Sleeves

Connexion specialises in the development and delivery of sleeve concepts for the pharmaceutical industry.

In partnership with their customers, Connexion are able to develop and produce protective sleeves for your specific containers together with providing the machinery to apply them to your product. If you want to keep the sleeving of your product in-house, or you have a one off project, it is possible to rent a machine that suits your capacity which can be installed and set up for you. Or alternatively we are able to assist you with the subcontracting of the sleeving process.
Connexion ISO 13485 & ISO 9001

If you are looking to invest in, or rent a sleeving machine, a dedicated team of service technicians will undertake the installation and will provide comprehensive training to all employees who will be responsible for its operation within your company.

Thanks to the simplicity of the sleeving machines, changeovers for different sized vials and basic maintenance can be performed by the operators.

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