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elm-plastic was founded in 1969 and has long relied on its core strengths of outstanding quality and excellent customer service. A key reason for the company’s success is that it has its own mould shop, making it flexible and independent.

Based in Dudeldorf in the rural German region of the Eifel, elm-plastic’s product range consists mainly of dosing instruments for human and veterinary medicine.

elm-plastic supplies pharmacists and bottlers on a global scale and has built long-term relationships with many multinational customers. Within the standard range for the human medicine market, products include Oral Dosing Pipettes, Short Form Pipettes, Applicators and Udder Injectors. As well as suitable adaptors and other related products.

Scaling and printing of the pipettes and syringes can be matched to your exact requirements.

All processes – manufacturing, printing, assembly and packing – are carried out under clean room conditions and in accordance with GMP.

elm-plastic is certified according to EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485.

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