ComfortGrip Eye Dropper and Side Actuation Eye Dropper

Multi-Dose Eyedropper System

Aero Pump has specialised in the manufacture and production of preservative free systems since the early 1990s and has since developed the 180 degree ophthalmic dropper system for sensitive drug formulations

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Product Details

  • Produced in ISO CLASS 7clean-room conditions
  • High dosing accuracy and consistency
  • Fast priming
  • Suitable for both OTC and prescription medications
  • Three-part contamination protection
  • Snap-on closures suitable for existing filling lines
  • Material compatible with ETO sterilisation
  • Microbiological study available upon request
  • Precisely defined drop size
Eye dropper bottles next to woman's eye

Aero Pump's preservative-free eyedropper system, with its patented 3 part contamination protection, has been tried-and-tested in the marketplace since 2006. It allows for numerous successive single doses from the same container, meaning more contents and less waste.

The benefit to manufacturers using Aero Pump's 3K® system is that they are able to reduce or remove the preservatives in their product, meaning sensitive formulations can become viable marketed products and as preservatives have been seen to cause adverse effects to patients in long-term ocular product use, the benefits to patients are obvious.

Dosage information

  • Available dose sizes: 28, 45 mg
  • Individual doses from 28 mg to 45 mg available upon request

Packaging Options

  • Suitable for use with 5ml and 10ml Plastic Bottles and Glass Vials

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