Vial Caps for Diagnostic Vials - 14mm, 18mm and 22mm 

Diagnostic Vial Caps

Screw caps manufactured by Gramss GmbH for diagnostic vials with neck diameters 14mm, 18mm and 22mm.

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Available Options

  •   Unwadded for use with diagnostic stoppers
  •   EPE (Expanded Poyethylene) wadded
  •   PTFE Wadded for sensitive products
  •   Integral Plug Seal for excellent leak-resistance
Cooloured Caps for Diagnostic Vials

Available Unwadded (Suitable for Diagnostic Stoppers), EPE Wadded, PTFE Wadded and with Integral Plug Seal.

  • A - GL14 Smooth
    • 14mm Unwadded Screw Cap
    • 14mm Plug Seal Screw Cap
  • B - GL14 RibbedDiagnostic Screw Caps - 14mm, 18mm, 22mm
    • 14mm Unwadded Screw Cap
    • 14mm Plug Seal Screw Cap
    • 14mm EPE Lined Screw Cap
    • 14mm PTFE (Teflon) Lined Screw Cap
  • C - GL18 Ribbed
    • 18mm Unwadded Screw Cap
    • 18mm Plug Seal Screw Cap
    • 18mm EPE Lined Screw Cap
    • 18mm PTFE (Teflon) Lined Screw Cap
  • D - GL22 Ribbed
    • 22mm Unwadded Screw Cap
    • 22mm Plug Seal Screw Cap
    • 22mm EPE Lined Screw Cap
    • 22mm PTFE (Teflon) Lined Screw Cap

We hold a range of different coloured caps in stock and are able to offer colours to your requirement dependent on viable production runs.

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