Diagram of a standard vial next to an EVERIC® vial, showing the difference in wall stress levels


EVERIC®​ strong delivers unsurpassed strength in an ISO standard vial, achieved through improved geometry and an optimised forming process.

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Product Details

  • Optimised geometry
  • Improved strength in side compression and axial load
  • Reduced breakages
  • ISO standard dimensions 
  • Unchanged glass matrix
EVERIC® strong vial

EVERIC® strong facilitates efficient processing and reduced breakages

A single vial of drug product rejected due to breakage is an undesirable occurrence. Not only is valuable drug product lost, you may also be faced with machine down-time. If you experience multiple instances of breakage in your fill and finish process, this becomes a much more significant and costly problem.

SCHOTT developed the EVERIC® strong vial in response to inline vial breakages.

Beginning with computer simulation, they were able to detect the key contact points of a vial during processing. These contact points were identified as the heel and the shoulder of the vial. SCHOTT have utilised the data gathered to improve the strength of these areas through improved geometry and an optimised forming process, resulting in a vial able to withstand side compression and axial load, thereby reducing breakages through fill and finish, and onwards to transportation.

SCHOTT EVERIC® is a modular system featuring solutions to common challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Find out more about the rest of the EVERIC® range.

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