Four elm-plastic Intramammary Injectors in varying sizes

Intramammary Injectors

Manufactured by elm-plastic Intramammary Injectors, for veterinary use, are available in a range of sizes.

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Product Details

  • 5ml, 8ml, 12ml, 20ml and 32ml sizes
  • Available with a tamper evident tip cap
  • Printed to your specifications
  • Filling is either via the cannula or the plunger end
  • Available sterile

elm-plastic Intramammary Injectors are available with tamper evident tip caps, as the European Pharmacopoeia deems that storage of veterinary medicine products need to be "in sterile, airtight, tamper-proof containers." elm-plastic’s unique system is patent registered in Europe.

All materials used comply with the requirements of the BgVV, as well as the EP and the FDA

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