Master PET veral syrup bottles produced by INDEN Pharma under cleanroom conditions<br>

Master PET Veral Syrup Bottles

Master PET Veral Syrup Bottles with PP28 thread, in sizes 100ml - 500ml

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Product Details

  •   Cleanroom manufactured by INDEN Pharma
  •   Available in amber and clear PET
  •   Sizes from 100ml to 500ml
  •   Different colours available for viable production quantities
Master PET Veral Syrup Bottles

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Description Volume (ml) Weight (g) Neck Finish Width (mm) Height (mm)
100ml Master PET Syrup Bottle 100 17.5 PP28 47 96
150ml Master PET Syrup Bottle 150 17.5 PP28 53 113
250ml Master PET Syrup Bottle 250 24 PP28 60 136
500ml Master PET Syrup Bottle 500 41 PP28 69.5 179

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