50R sterile SCHOTT adaptiQ vials in a cup nest

SCHOTT adaptiQ® Sterile Vials in Cup Nest

Sterile, glass RTU vials, nestled in SCHOTT's versatile Cup Nest, within an industry standard tub. Available in vial sizes from 2ml to 50ml.

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Benefits of SCHOTT adaptiQ® sterile vials in Cup Nest

  •  TopLine quality ISO standard vials
  •  Supplied clean, sterile and ready-to-use
  •  Packed in a Cup Nest within an industry standard tub
  •  Compatible automated filling machinery
  • Zero glass-to-glass contact
  • Compatible with RayDyLyo® push-fit caps
15ml SCHOTT adaptiQ sterile amber glass vials

SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials can be supplied in one of three secondary packaging configurations.

Choose from:

Sterile Vials in Cup Nest (this page)

Sterile Vials in Clip Nest

Sterile Vials in Tray

Need help deciding which adaptiQ® packaging option is right for you? Read our article to help you decide.

In addition to SCHOTT Sterile Vials we can supply Sterile Stoppers, Sterilised Crimp Seals and Sterile RayDyLyo® Vial Caps

We can supply a Nest Removal Tool if required. Please contact us for more information or to receive a quote.

VialCapacityVial dimensions (WxH)Quantity per NestAvailability
2ml Sterile Vial2R16 x 35100FHU
4ml Sterile Vial4R16 x 45100NFHU
6ml Sterile Vial6R22 x 4048FHU
8ml Sterile Vial8R22 x 4548NFHU
10ml Sterile Vial10R24 x 4548FHU
15ml Sterile Vial15R24 x 6048FHU
20ml Sterile Vial20R30 x 5524FHU
25ml Sterile Vial25R30 x 6524FHU
30ml Sterile Vial30R30 x 7524FHU
50ml Sterile Vial50R40 x 7316FHU
100ml Sterile Vial100R47 x 10012To be confirmed

FHU = For Human Use: vials supplied sterile, pyrogen-free and ready to use
NFHU = Not For Human Use: not currently available sterile and pyrogen-free. Please contact us if you have a requirement for these sizes

Dimensions in "mm" for reference purposes only. Capacities nominal

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