Ampoule Boxes

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Ampoule Boxes - Suitable for 1ml - 10ml Sizes

Ampoule boxes are available directly from stock. Every ampoule is firmly gripped in a vacuum formed plastic fitment.

The one-piece design of the ampoule boxes ensures that lids bearing instructions do not become separated from their contents.

Stock Sizes - Ampoule Boxes
Ref Size  Ref Size
BO001  5 x 1ml BO005 10 x 1ml
BO002  5 x 2ml BO006 10 x 2ml
BO003  5 x 5ml BO007 10 x 5ml
BO004  5 x 10ml BO009* 10 x 10ml
    BO008A* 10 x 20ml

* Boxes fitted with card fitment