Correx Trays

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Correx Vial Trays - 2ml - 50ml Size Vials Correx Vial Box for Glass Vials

Corrugated Plastic Trays/Boxes/Lids suitable for use with vials and ampoules.

These low particle correx trays, dividers and lids are ideal for use in the repackaging of vials and ampoules and are available in a range of sizes, including those suitable for ISO Standard vials as per the tables below (all dimensions are approximate).

Material thickness: Approximately 2mm

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Standard Sizes - Correx Vial Boxes 
Item Code Item Length Width Height
6051067 Vial Tray  360mm 230mm 36mm
6051068 Vial Tray  360mm 230mm 48mm
6051069 Vial Tray  360mm 230mm 58mm
6124404 Vial Tray 360mm 247mm 104mm
6051087 Lid     36mm
6063198 Lid     50mm
6260453 Lid     70mm
6124405 Lid 380mm 256mm 106mm


Standard Sizes - Correx Vial Box Dividers 
Item Code Item To suit vial of diameter No. of Cells
6132325 Divider 16mm 187
6141644 Divider 24mm 104
6140594 Divider 30mm 77
6223748 Divider 42.5mm 40
6124406 Divider 47mm 35