All Aluminium Crimp Seals

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13mm & 20mm West Aluminium Crimp Seals - Centre Tear, Centre Hole & Complete Tear Off

All Aluminium Crimp Seals manufactured by West Pharmaceutical Services: Sizes 13mm and 20mm.

All aluminium crimps include Centre Hole, Centre Tear and Complete Tear Off varieties and in a range of colours. These seals can offer tamper evidence as well as ease of access to the injection site of rubber stoppers.

The following All Aluminium Crimp Seals are available:

  • A - CETW20 - 20 mm Centre Tear Off
  • B - CETW13 - 13 mm Centre Tear Off
  • C - CEHW20 - 20 mm Centre Hole
  • D - CEHW13 - 13 mm Centre Hole
  • E - COTW20 - 20 mm Complete Tear Off
  • F - COUTW13 - 13 mm Complete Tear Off
  • G - COT20HT - 20 mm Complete Tear Off

For small scale fills, we can also supply Hand Held Crimpers.

Confused as to which aluminium crimp seal does what?

See our page on Aluminium Crimp Seals Explained.

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