Containers for pharmaceutical products made from glass and plastic

Primary packaging made from Glass, Plastic and Aluminium. Suitable for use with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and healthcare products.

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  • SCHOTT Type 1 Glass Vials

    Glass Vials

    Clear and amber neutral Type I glass crimp neck and screw neck vials are available from stock. Tubular glass vials are manufactured by SCHOTT…

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  • Type 1 and Type 3 Glass Bottles - Screw Neck

    Glass Bottles

    Glass Bottles - Type I, Type II and Type III Glass - Duran Bottles, Laboratory Bottles, Kylix Bottles, Plasma Bottles.

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  • Plastic Bottles - Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

    Plastic Bottles

    Plastic bottles manufactured by Inden Pharma & Medisize - including PET Bottles, HDPE Bottles, Eye Dropper Bottles and Injection Blow Moulded…

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  • SCHOTT Type 1 Glass Ampoules - Form B / Form D - Open / Closed - Clear / Amber


    Closed and open glass ampoules manufactured by SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging according to ISO 9187:2010.

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  • Linhardt Collapsible Aluminium Tubes - Stock Sizes 5ml - 100ml

    Aluminium Tubes

    From stock we are able to provide a range of internally lacquered, white enamelled collapsible aluminium tubes manufactured by Linhardt.

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  • Linhardt Collapsible Plastic Tubes

    Plastic Tubes

    As representatives for Linhardt we are able to supply high quality plastic tubes with a large variety of closure options and fully customisable…

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  • Linhardt Aluminium Containers

    Rigid Aluminium Containers

    These versatile containers are suitable for tablets, cigars, pump sprays / aerosols, gels, pastes, test strips, confectionery etc.

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  • Linhardt Multiflex Layered Collapsible Tubes

    Multiflex Tubes

    Innovative new multi-layered laminate tubes.

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