SCHOTT adaptiQ® Sterile Ready to Use Injection Vials

SCHOTT adaptiQ - endotoxin and particluate free - ready to fill - depyrogenated vials SCHOTT adaptiQ® Sterile Injection Vials

SCHOTT sterile and depyrogenated ready-to-use vials, supplied in an industry standard tub format offer a streamlined filling process from start to finish

With adaptiQ® ready-to-use vials you will be accessing a new era of cutting edge manufacturing. You will gain more freedom with a leaner process, improved quality and more flexibility. Developed in cooperation with innovative and highly regarded machine suppliers, adaptiQ® vials can be processed on a wide range of existing and new fill + finish equipment, allowing the vials to remain nested throughout the fill + finish process, including lyophilisation.


Benefits of the adaptiQ range include:

  • TopLine quality ISO standard vials
  • Supplied clean, sterile and ready to use in an industry standard tub
  • Compatible with existing and novel filling equipment
  • Innovative nest design minimises glass to glass contact
  • Lyophilisation possible without removal of the vials from the nest 


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Vial Sizes and Quantity per Tub 
Vial Capacity Vial dimensions (WxH) Quantity per Nest
2R 2ml 16 x 35 100
4R 4ml 16 x 45 100
6R 6ml 22 x 40 64
8R 8ml 22 x 45 64
10R 10ml 24 x 45 48
15R 15ml 24 x 60 48
20R 20ml 30 x 55 25
25R 25ml 30 x 65 25
30R 30ml 30 x 75 25
Dimensions in "mm" for reference purposes only. Capacities nominal

Download SCHOTT adaptiQ® Sterile Injection Vials PDF