Multiflex Tubes

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Linhardt Multiflex Layered Collapsible Tubes      Deconstructed Multiflex Tube

Innovative new multi-layered laminate tubes.

Linhardt's Multiflex® Tube is the perfect packaging for your product as it offers excellent barrier properties as well as limitless design possibilities!

The Linhardt Multiflex® Tube offers all of the advantages of a laminate tube without any of the disadvantages. Contrary to the lamination process there are no distinctive weld seams since the layers are not overlap-welded, but fused bluntly and reinforced with a thin plastic strip.

Also, being a multi-layer tube means that a combination of barrier layers and decorative layers can be used, giving an end result of an attractive tube suitable for sensitive products.

Multiflex® tubes are available with the following options:

  • Diameters - 22, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 50mm
  • Aluminium Barrier Layer (ABL) or Plastic Barrier Layer (PBL)
  • Dispenser Pump
  • Excellent barrier properties through functional inner layer
  • Many decoration options: 360° decoration, metallic finishes, (flat) printing, embossing, holograms, soft touch, iridescent surfaces
  • RFIDchips
  • Lightflex® - light weight materials used in the body and cap to reduce costs
  • Scavenger layer - to remove various gases from the product
  • Paperflex® - 50% + recycled materials used in the tube body 

To find out more about the different Laminated Tubes and Plastic Tube options available have a look at our Plastic Tubes Explained page in our technical information centre.

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