White Pack HDPE Syrup Bottles

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White Pack HDPE Syrup Bottles - 30ml - 250ml - White or Natural HDPE

HDPE Syrup Bottles with PP28 Screw Thread

White Pack HDPE Syrup Bottles manufactured by Inden Pharma from white and natural HDPE.

Available in sizes from 30ml to 500ml*

Different sizes and colours available depending on viable production quantities.

Available Sizes - White Pack HDPE Syrup Bottle
Description Volume (ml) Weight (g) Neck Finish Width (mm) Height (mm)
30ml HDPE Syrup Bottle 30 6 PP28 36 60.6
60ml HDPE Syrup Bottle 60 10 PP28 41 93.7
120ml HDPE Syrup Bottle 120 19 PP28 48 115.3
250ml HDPE Syrup Bottle 250 28.5 PP28 57.8 147.5

*500ml special shape