VialVet PET Crimp Neck Vials

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PET crimp neck vials

PET crimp neck vials manufactured by Inden Pharma under clean room conditions (ISO class 8)

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) crimp neck vials produced by Inden Pharma supplied cleanroom packaged and are suitable for use in the veterinary and medical industry.

PET bottles can be provided sterilized where requested.

Benefits of PET Crimp Neck Vials include: light weight, high clarity, break resistant


Available Sizes - VialVet PET Crimp Neck Vials
Description Volume (ml) Weight (g) Neck Finish Width (mm) Height (mm)
50ml PET Vial 50 14 20 Crimp Neck 43.1 67.6
100ml PET Vial 100 14 20 Crimp Neck 53.5 82.8
250ml PET Vial 250 27.5 32 Crimp Neck 67 123
500ml PET Vial 500 44 32 Crimp Neck 79.3 159.7
Dimensions in "mm" for reference purposes only. Capacities nominal