Sigma Snap-On Neck HDPE Bottles

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Snap Neck HDPE Bottles - 20mm Snap Neck - White or Natural

Snap On HDPE bottles manufactured and sealed into PE bags under clean room conditions (ISO class 8)

Manufactured by Inden Pharma, these bottles have been specially designed to be used with Aero Pump's AP3 Snap-On pumps including their nasal, hoizontal, throat and 180 Degree Eye Dropper Systems.

Also available, are versions to suit snap-on pump systems from alternative manufacturers.

Available Sizes - Snap-On Neck HDPE Bottles for Aero Pump Pumps
Description Volume (ml) Weight (g) Lid Height (mm) Width (mm)
12ml Snap On AEP 12 4.5 19.8 53.0 24.0
15ml Snap On AEP 15 4.5 19.8 54.4 25.5
20ml Snap On AEP 20 5 19.8 53.0 29.0
30ml Snap On AEP 30 6.4 19.8 65.0 31.0
Dimensions in "mm" for reference purposes only. Capacities nominal