Linhardt Aerosol Cans Aerosol cans for small volume pharmaceuticals

Aerosol Cans suitable for 10ml - 300ml volumes.

Aluminium Monobloc Aerosol Cans manufactured by Linhardt are suitable for use with Atomisers and Pumps as well as Aerosol Sprays.

As well as the standard Aerosol Can shapes, Shaped Aerosol Cans are available.

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Aerosol Can Options:

  • Volumes: 10ml - 300ml
  • Diameters: 22mm, 31.5mm, 35mm and 45mm, 53mm
  • Orifice Sizes: 20mm and 1 inch
  • Pressure Ratings: 12 bar, 15 bar, 18 bar (other ratings available upon special request)
  • Flat Shoulder or Round Shoulder available
  • Shaped Aerosol Cans

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