Prefillable Glass Syringes

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SCHOTT Prefillable Sterile Glass Syringes

Prefillable SCHOTT syriQ™ sterile and syriQ™ Bulk glass syringes, made from Fiolax® tubing.

syriQ™ sterile syringes are supplied sterile ready for the filling process. Components for the complete set are matched to the customer’s exact requirements. The prefillable glass syringes come supplied in nests for easy handling and filling, with or without needle. 

Available - syriQ™ sterile prefillable syringes

  • Luer cone, luer lock, OVS (Tamper Evident system) and staked needle 
  • Silk screen printing available

syriQ™ Bulk syringes are suitable for bulk production, delivered non-sterile consisting of glass syringe barrels with or without staked needle, packed in Rondo trays.

Prefillable Glass Syringe Nest
Prefillable Glass Syringe Tub - fits common pharmaceutical filling line requirements

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