REDIPAC Single Use Tubes

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REDIPAC - Single Use Plastic Tubes

REDIPAC single unit dose plastic tubes for liquid and viscous products. Provided with tamper evident non-reclosable caps, for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and cosmetic preparations.

Manufactured by STELLA, this single unit dose plastic tube and cap is produced and assembled under GMP conditions. The top of the container is protected against microbiological contamination until the package is opened and the cap is removed.

Attributes of the Single Unit Dose Plastic Tubes:

  • Material - PP
  • Natural or coloured options available
  • Labelling options possible
  • Tamper evident and non-closeable cap (after activation)
  • Sterilisable by gamma irradiation
  • Volumes available - 1ml, 2.5ml
  • Other sizes, designs and labelling service on request


The REDIPAC single unit dose plastic tube is a leak proof package, as only by twisting off the protective cap is the integrated security stick separated from the container. This creates a perfectly round, burr-free orifice at the breaking point of the tube for dispensing the contents.

Filling and sealing of REDIPAC tubes is achieved on common tube filling machines from various manufacturers and the complete primary package is formed easily inline.


Filling Single Use Plastic Tubes

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