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MixJect Resonstitution and Administration Device MixJect Vial Adaptor with Needle Sheild

The sterile MixJect® Transfer Device for Reconstitution enables the safe, rapid and easy preparation and administration of lyophilised drugs.

MixJect® is a single unit for reconstituting a powder drug with a diluent prefilled syringe. Upon reconstitution, the drug is available for immediate injection.

Both 20mm and 13mm versions available.

System attributes:

  • The body and vial adaptors are moulded from medical-grade polycarbonate.
  • The valves are moulded from polyethylene.
  • The low-profile lock minimises fluid path dead space.
  • Unit is preassembled with a client-specified syringe needle.
  • System fits standard vials, Luer syringes and needles.
  • MixJect® is compatible with popular auto-injector devices.

System is also available with a safety guard which is replaced after administration to avoid needle stick injury.

MixJect® is a registered trademark of Medimop Medical Projects Ltd., a subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

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