Needleless Transfer Device

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Needleless Transfer Device for the Transfer and Reconstitution of Lyophilised Products

Sterile Needleless Transfer Device (NTD) for rapid reconstitution. The needleless transfer device enables the rapid transfer of a diluent into powder filled vials for mixing and drug reconstitution.

The use of a single device allows closed system preparation of a lyophilised drug.

  • The device works with or without vacuum in the powder vial.
  • The body is moulded from medical-grade polycarbonate.
  • The valve is moulded from polyethylene.
  • The device allows partial dosing and storage.
  • The device can include an integrated in-line filter.
  • Available configuration 20/20mm, 13/13mm, 13/20mm and 20/13mm

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