Preservative Free Pumps

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Aero Pump Preservative Free Pump Spray

Aero Pump has specialised in manufacturing spray and dropper systems for preservative-free liquids since the early 1990s.

Aero Pump's patented 3K® system has three-part contamination protection:

  • a specially designed filter protects the product from microbiological contamination, using the surrounding air required for volume equalization
  • a silver spiral at the top is used to prevent bacteria growth
  • a specialised valve system to stop back-flow 

Aero Pump's preservative free systems have been tried-and-tested on the marketplace since 2006, with the major benefit to manufacturers using Aero Pump's 3K® system being that they are able to reduce or remove the preservatives in their product, meaning sensitive formulations can become viable marketed products.