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Here at Adelphi Healthcare Packaging our years of experience ensure a highly competent, creative and customer-focused service, whatever the size and the nature of your requirement.

Whether you require advice on what packaging to specify from day one, or just want to meet up for a chat about how your business is progressing and how we can assist you with its further growth, we are always happy to drop by.

We enjoy a challenge

Whilst we are principally a stockist of primary packaging, we also have other strings to our bow... as experts in our field we welcome hearing about your projects as well as helping you solve any issues you may be encountering. Our aim is to provide solutions that satisfy your needs, whether direct from stock or through our extensive knowledge of the marketplace.

We keep you informed

We like to keep pace with the consistently evolving market place and also keep you up-to-date through introducing you to the latest developments in both existing technologies and innovative systems that can help you stand out in your market.

We are honest

Sounds like everyone would say that wouldn't they? Well, not always. If we can help and have a product that is just right for you we will tell you. If there are any compromises, we will discuss them with you, and if there is a more suitable solution someone else has available, we will happily send you to the people who are best placed to help. This openness is because we can only develop a long term relationship based on trust. Trust that we are always working in your interests.

We stick around

Our customers are our livelihood and so we make sure that you are continually satisfied! We need you and we're not embarrassed to say that. We go out of our way to make sure you get what you need because a long and healthy business relationship means successful business for both of us.


Adelphi Manufacturing was founded in 1947 and was located off of The Strand in London.

The Adelphi Group started life as Adelphi Manufacturing Company Limited, which was founded in 1947 and took its name from the Adelphi Building off the Strand where it had offices.

The Company produced simple bottle washing and filling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and, in 1950, moved to Angel, Islington, where it occupied two numbers and five floors of a Georgian terrace. Steady progress, with an increase in the range of products manufactured and sold, culminated in a major expansion in the early 1970’s. Adelphi (Tubes) Limited, now trading as Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, was formed in 1970 to stock and market ampoules, vials and collapsible aluminium tubes, and in 1973 Fluid Equipment Company was purchased to manufacture mixers and stirrers for industry. Other additions to the Adelphi Group include: T.R.F. Autoclaves, Stockline Boxes and part of Sheppard Engineers Limited.

Coldstream Engineering joined the group in 1994 (founded in 1947) and incorporated the Fluid Equipment business, producing a stock range of 316 stainless vessels and holloware and customised mixing vessels.

Masterfil joined the group in 2007 having been established in 1984 supplying customers with fully automatic filling and capping machines in the oil, chemical, food, toiletries and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Adelphi now occupy and own a one hectare site in Haywards Heath close to the railway station and motorway.


Adelphi from the beginning...

  • 1947 - Adelphi Manufacturing founded
  • 1960’s - Started stock holding tubes and glass containers
  • 1970 - Adelphi Healthcare Packaging Established
  • 1985 - Started representation of SCHOTT
  • 1993 - ISO 9000
  • 1995 - Started representation of LINHARDT
  • 1998 - Started distribution for WEST
  • 2004 - New 1,000m2 warehouse
  • 2006 - ISO 13485 (medical devices)
  • 2007 - Started representation of AERO PUMP
  • 2007 - Started representation of ELM-PLASTIC
  • 2007 - Started distribution of MEDIMOP
  • 2009 - New £1m office and manufacturing facility
  • 2011 - New 800m2 warehouse - additional 2,000 pallet capacity
  • 2014 - Started distribution for DISPOSABLE-LAB
  • 2014 - Started representation of STELLA
  • 2016 - Expansion of our warehouse
  • 2017 - Started representation of INDEN PHARMA 

Meet the Team

Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, part of the Adelphi Group, is composed of friendly and enthusiastic staff who are committed to providing the best service possible. Find out More ›

Our Logo

Adelphi's logo, the symbol of a cylinder inscribed over the sphere it contains was requested to be engraved on his tomb by Archimedes.

To Archimedes it commemorated the fact that he had discovered the relationship between volume and surface area in spheres and cylinders.

To Adelphi it symbolises the classical references in our name and the precision with which our filling and capping machinery is manufactured. In addition it demonstrated our dealings in stainless steel vessels and containers of all kinds and the classical lines symbolise the cleanliness and accuracy required in the markets which we serve.

Adelphi Group Site

Adelphi HP's 'Haywards Heath' site from the air.

The Adelphi Group site comprises of an office / manufacturing facility, 2 warehouses, additional office/store area and Finches Yard office and production facility (which is rented out to Minilabels).