Protective Vial Sleeves

Protective Vial Sleeves

Protective vial sleeves help reduce the chance of breakage through impact to the vial and, in the event of a breakage, encapsulates the vial contents and glass fragments.

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Product details

  •   Made from ultra thin heat-shrinkable PET extruded material
  •   Impact resistant vial sleeve
  •   Highly transparent, giving clarity for easy content inspection
  •   Available with a flexible base sticker or a solid base cap
Vial sleeve and 10ml vials sealed and sleeved

As well as breakage resistance, protective vial sleeves are designed to trap toxic substances within the unit if the vial is compromised through a breakage or surface damage, reducing possible contamination of production equipment and minimising the possibility of product contact for the end user.

The protective vial sleeves are available in extruded transparent PET with a rigid base cap or flexible bottom label.

They are suitable for manual and semi-automatic application, or fully-automatic lines and are heat shrunk around the contours of the vial and aluminium crimp seal ensuring a tight fit, essential for both efficacy and aesthetics.

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