Sterile Vials

Internally Sterile Vials

CE Marked Internally sterile nitrogen filled vials, manufactured from Type I neutral glass.

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Product Details

  • Manufactured from SCHOTT Neutral Type I Fiolax glass tubing
  • Sterile ready to fill
  • Internally sterile and particle free
  • Inert internal Nitrogen atmosphere
  • Internal pressure 800-900 mBar
  • Stock sizes: 2ml (VNS02X1) and 10ml (VNS10RB)
Sterile Vials

Sterile Vials are supplied in accordance with the ISO 13485:2003 quality system, provided with a comprehensive batch record and Certificate of Analysis as well as being CE marked.

Stock size 2ml & 10ml vials:

  • 2ml Sterile Vial - VNS02X1
  • 10ml Sterile Vial - VNS10RB

For viable production runs these vials are also available with your choice of aluminium seals.

Sterile Vials can also be provided with additional Westar RS processed Flurotec® stoppers and seals for resealing the vials after filling - also available sterile.

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