Sterile Glass Vials in 10ml and 2ml sizes

Internally Sterile Sealed Vials

CE Marked Internally sterile nitrogen filled vials, manufactured from Type I neutral glass.

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Product Details

  • Manufactured from SCHOTT Neutral Type I Fiolax glass tubing
  • Sterile Vials - ready to fill
  • Internally sterile and particle free
  • Inert internal Nitrogen atmosphere
  • Internal pressure 800-900 mBar
  • Stock sizes: 2ml vial, 10ml vial and 50ml vial
Box holding 100 VNS10RB internally sterile 10ml vials

Our Internally Sterile Vials are supplied in accordance with the ISO 13485 quality system, provided with a comprehensive batch record and Certificate of Analysis as well as being CE marked. View our ISO and CE certificates

We stock 2ml, 10ml and 50ml Internally Sterile Sealed Vials:

  • 2ml Sterile Vial - VNS02X2
  • 10ml Sterile Vial - VNS10RB
  • 50ml Sterile Vial - VNST50RB

For viable production runs these vials are also available with your choice of aluminium seals.

Sterile Vials can also be provided with additional Westar RS processed Flurotec® stoppers and seals for resealing the vials after filling - also available sterile.

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