SCHOTT employs more than 600 individuals in the field of application-oriented research. The unique combination of specialized analytics and our expertise in materials, products, and processes enables SCHOTT pharma services to support pharmaceutical companies by finding solutions to the most challenging packaging requirements. We can help customers avoid stability issues resulting from drug/ container interaction and provide development support.

SCHOTT's analytical labs are DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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Analytical Packaging Support
Development Support

Particle Analysis

Size, number, shape, chemical composition

Container Surface Characterisation

Chemical composition, e.g. tungsten quantification, contamination, alkalinity

Defects, delamination, corrosion

Quantification and in-situ adsorption characterisation

Silicone Distribution, Free Silicone

Silicone layer thickness and distribution

Free silicone trace level quantification

Fracture, Stress, Reliability, Lifetime

Stress, crack, fracture analysis

Statistical evaluation of reliability and lifetime

Extractables and Leachables

Testing according to PQRI, OINDP recommendations

Accelerated Compatibility Testing, Spiking Studies

Tailored accelerated aging tests to identify critical parameters causing stability issue

Combination of specific analytical methods e.g. surface analytics, E&L, spiking studies

Container Closure Integrity, System Performance

Permeability: oxygen, water vapour

Leakage: tip cap leakage, dye ingress, axial compression, piston vacuum


Functionality: break away/gliding force, tip cap removal, needle pull force, needle penetration

Drug delivery: dead volume, delivered dose

Glass and Polymer Selected Testing to USP, EP, JP

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