Whether you're concerned about extractables and leachables, need hard data on container closure integrity or are looking for specialist assistance in developing a new medical device, West is ideally placed to assist.

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West Analytical Services
West Contract Manufacturing

West Analytical Services

West's Analytical Labs are GMP and FDA compliant. The Labs are also DEA licensed, certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 15378:2011, and have two MHRA certificates.

Available services:

Extractables and Leachables Analysis

VeriSure Report / Extractables Data Report / Materials Characterization

Theoretical Material Extractables

Packaging and Device Product Testing

Prefilled Cartridges and Needle Based Injection Systems

Ready to Fill and Prefilled Glass and Advanced Polymer Syringes

Glass and Advanced Polymer Vial Containers and Vial Adapters and other Transfer Devices

Regulatory and Custom Testing Collaboration

Particle Analysis

Optical microscopy / FT-IR / SEM/EDS

LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Raman)

Container Closure Integrity Analysis

Tracer Gas Detection, vacuum mode (helium mass spectrometry)

High Voltage Leak Detection

Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy (oxygen headspace)

Tracer Liquid (dye ingress)

For more information on West's analytical services you can visit the website here: West Analytical Services

West Contract Manufacturing

West have established a reputation as a global leader in contract manufacture by providing on-time commercialization of projects ranging from product design to complex, turn-key manufacturing solutions.

West Contract Manufacturing benefits from 1,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

Available services:

Concept Development and DFM

Design Concept Development / Design Exploration / Mechanical Design Refinement

Mechanical Design Release / Design Verification / Mold Flow Analysis / Finite Element Analysis

Cold Chain Solutions

Clinical Support / Drug Re-packaging / Serialisation/Track and Trace

Product Design

User research / Interface design / Industrial design / Mechanical design / Prototyping

Prototypes and Pre-Production

Global development and manufacturing deployment

Prototype development and sourcing / Design for manufacturability

Process Development

Decoupled 2&3 process development

Extensive use of DOEs to help define processes

IQ/OQ/PQ protocols that ensure a robust production process

Incorporation of “Advanced Process Monitoring”

Archived data for continuous improvement and root cause analysis

Assembly Solutions

Injection molding with fully-integrated downstream assembly

Dedicated, ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanroom assembly

Primary and secondary packaging / Drug repackaging and Labeling

Needle handling, UV bonding, laser etching, printing, welding, leak testing

Injection Moulding

Seven ISO certified production facilities worldwide

More than 300 molding machines worldwide

ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms (molding and assembly)

Real-time process monitoring

Specialized Molding-Multi-shot, Insert, LSR, Optical

For more information on West's contract manufacturing services you can visit the website here: West Contract Manufacturing