SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging - glass crimp neck vials, screw neck vials & ampoules

SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging focuses on the development and manufacture of primary packaging products made of special glass and other materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

With over 600 lines in 13 different countries worldwide and an output in excess of 10 billion components per year, SCHOTT can meet its customers’ requirements, wherever they are located.

Adelphi act as SCHOTT's European Distribution Partner and so stock a large range of ISO vials and ampoules ready for immediate dispatch.

SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging products include:


SCHOTT Innovations

Purgard® Transparent Aerosol Containers

SCHOTT Purgard® Inert inner Type I glass container with outer protective injection moulded polymer jacket. A clear example of SCHOTT competencies combined in one unique product.



Tailor-made solutions for specific requirements. TopLine products are especially recommended for the storage of valuable and highly sensitive drugs (e.g. oncology, bio-tech) and for the optimisation of the production process.

TopLine products offer the following benefits:

  • <<zero defect>>  for critical aspects
  • all criteria 100% inspected for dimensional parameters and cosmetic defects
  • compliance with customer defined specifications with narrowed tolerances for dimensional and cosmetic aspects
  • packing under clean room conditions

This leads to a reduction in incoming inspection, more efficient filling and packing operations and measurable value added due to less quality issues during and after the production process.


SCHOTT Type I Plus®

SCHOTT Type I plus® containers have purity and inertness surface properties like Quartz. Containers can be washed, depyrogenated, filled, closed, inspected and sterilised just like standard containers. It is particularly suitable for products where conventional containers made of pharmaceutical Type I glass have reached their limits, such as with:

  • low concentrated proteins with adsorption tendencies
  • high pH products
  • preparations which cannot tolerate a pH shift or ion leaching
  • formulations that react with metal ions
  • preparations with degradation tendencies
  • formulations containing complexing agents e.g. citrates, EDTA
  • radioactive diagnostics


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