SCHOTT Type I Plus vial schematic

SCHOTT Type I Plus Vials

Ultra inert SCHOTT Type I glass vials internally coated with a chemically bonded Quartz like layer of Silicon Dioxide. Available in sizes 2ml to 50ml.

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Recommended for:

  • Products with delamination issues
  • Low concentrated proteins with adsorption tendencies
  • Preparations which cannot tolerate a pH shift or ion leaching
  • Preparations with degradation tendencies
  • Formulations containing complexing agents e.g. citrates, EDTA
  • Radioactive diagnostics
SCHOTT Type 1 Plus chemical composition schematic 

SCHOTT Type 1 Plus® vials are made of glass and can be washed, depyrogenated (heat treatment of 300° C), filled, closed, inspected and sterilised just like standard vials.

The Type I Plus® glass vial coating is applied by the proprietary SCHOTT PICVD (Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology in a validated and continually inspected process. The vial coating layer is only 40 - 100 nanometers thick and therefore has no effect on the dimensions of the pharmaceutical container.

Type I Plus® vials are available from stock in sizes 2ml to 50ml.

The SCHOTT Type I Plus Vial Coating Process

SCHOTT Type 1 Plus Coating Process

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