Collapsible Aluminium Tubes with a White External Enamel

Collapsible Aluminium Tubes

We stock a range of internally lacquered, white enamelled Collapsible Aluminium Tubes, ideal for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

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Product Details

  • Volumes:  5ml - 112ml
  • Internal lacquer
  • White external enamel
  • Aluminium membrane and piercer cap (except eye ointment tube)
Ref Capacity (ml) Size (mm) Orifice Size (mm) Nozzle Style of Cap
TL001 5 13.5 x 55 1.5+ - EWP
TLM002 15 16 x 101 3.5* M7 SWPF
TLM00320 19 x 101 5.5*M9 SWPF
TLM004 28 22 x 101 5.5* M9 SWPF
TLM005 56 25 x 140 5.5* M9 SWPF
TL007 112 35 x 160 7* M11 SWPF


+ = Eye ointment tube to BS2006 (DIN 5061)
* = Membrane Nozzle
E = Elongated
S = Short Screw
W = White
P = High Density Polyethylene
F = Flowerpot

(N.B. Nominal capacity must be checked with your product)

Collapsible aluminium tubes have excellent barrier properties against air and light and as such are suitable for sensitive products including pharmaceuticals.

They have the additional benefit of being fully recyclable.

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