Alfa PET Syrup bottles manufactured in cleanroom conditions by INDEN Pharma<br>

Alfa PET Syrup Bottles

Injection stretch blow moulded PET Syrup Bottles with PP28 neck manufactured by INDEN Pharma. Available in Amber, Clear and White PET.

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Product Details

  • Cleanroom Manufactured
  • Low gas and vapour permeability
  • High impact resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Suitable for common chemical agents
  • Available in sizes from 15ml to 500ml
Alfa Syrup Bottles , Amber, Clear and White PET <br>

Additional Information

Alfa PET Syrup Bottles are ideally suited for oral-dose drug products and can be used with elm-plastic Oral Dosing Syringes.

We can also offer Tamper Evident and Child Resistant caps to suit: view compatible 28mm Caps.

See the table below for the full range of Alfa PET Bottle sizes.

Description Volume (ml) Weight (g) Neck Finish Width (mm) Height (mm)
15ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 15 6 PP18 22.2 67
30ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 30 6 PP18 29 75
50ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 50 11.5 PP28 38 87.2
60ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 60 11.5 PP28 38 96
100ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 100 17.5 PP28 44.2 106
125ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 125 17.5 PP28 48 115
150ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 150 18 PP28 49 126
200ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 200 25 PP28 52 145
250ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 250 25 PP28 58 148
500ml Alfa PET Syrup Bottle 500 35 / 41 PP28 70 178

Alfa PET Syrup Bottles are cleanroom manufactured by INDEN Pharma, and are available in amber, clear and white PET, with other colours possible for viable production quantities.

Clear Alfa PET bottles feature superior transparency and all INDEN bottles offer consistent dimensions and excellent cap sealing due to a consistent neck finish.

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