Cross section of RayDyLyo cap with SCHOTT Type I Tubular vial

RayDyLyo® Push-Fit Vial Closure System

RayDyLyo® is the innovative alternative to aluminium crimp seals. Manufactured from plastic, and available sterile, the RayDyLyo® cap allows for simple push-fit closing of injection vials and is suitable for development stage right up to full-scale automated production.

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RayDyLyo® Product Features

  • Compatible with ISO Standard Injection Vials
  • Tamper Evident
  • Supplied Sterile (RU) or Ready to Sterilise (RTS)
  • Fitted with your choice of 13mm or 20mm Rubber Stopper
  • CTO (central tear off) or TTO (total tear off) PP Disc
  • Simplified Filling and Capping Process
  • Available in a Range of Packaging Formats
RayDyLo Plastic Crimp Seal Assembled with Stopper 

Why use RayDyLyo®?

The RayDyLyo® vial closure system simplifies the filling and capping of vials, saving you time and resources, thereby reducing time to market. Pre-fitted with your choice of Injection or Freeze Dry (Lyo) Stopper, vial closure becomes a one-step process.

With a push-fit design manual closure of an ISO Standard Vial can be achieved with a simple downward pressure, eliminating the need for specialist crimping tools. This makes it the ideal solution for small scale research and development projects, as well as clinical trials; and when the time comes to scale-up RayDyLyo supports inline filling and capping on existing production lines.

RayDyLyo® caps can be supplied Gamma Sterilised and Ready to Use (RU), or clean and Ready to Sterilise (RTS) via Gamma or Steam Sterilisation methods.

How is RayDyLyo® Packaged?

RayDyLyo® push-fit caps can be supplied in a range of packaging formats to suit your specific production processes. See the table below for quantities per pack.

FormatQuantity per Pack - 13mmQuantity per Pack - 20mm
Small Bag2 x 400 = 8002 x 200 = 400
Large Bag20001000
Port Bag3200160
Nested: 2R / 4R vials100-
Nested: 6R / 15R vials-
Nested: 20R / 30R vials-25
Nested: 50R vials-16

RayDyLyo® Nested caps are compatible with SCHOTT's Sterile and Ready-to-Use adaptiQ® Vials.

For more information about RayDyLyo push-fit vial caps please contact us.

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