SCHOTT Speciality Vials

Speciality Vials

Manufactured by SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging, these vials offer innovative solutions where conventional containers made of pharmaceutical Type I glass have reached their limits.

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Product Details

  • Large capacity tubular glass vials up to 120ml
  • Small capacity 13mm crimp neck vials - 1ml
  • Dual chamber vials
  • Screw neck vials with tamper evident neck finish
  • Vials with special pump neck and high concavity base to aid extraction of the last drop
Siliconised Vials

Ready to fill sterile apyrogenic vials with an inert internal Nitrogen atmosphere. Sterile Vials are available from stock in size 2ml and 10ml with vials up to 50ml produced to order. CE marked and conforming to ISO 13485:2003.

SCHOTT TopLyo® Vials are coated internally with a hydrophobic layer and have an improved geometric design which optimises the lyophilisation process.

Vials that feature these hydrophobic coatings have such homogeneous surfaces that lyophilised substances find it difficult to adhere to the inside walls facilitating an elegant lyophilisation cake and easy emptying of the residual volume after reconstitution.

TopLyo® vials are available in 2ml, 6ml, 10ml and 20ml

SCHOTT Vials DC combine an optimised production process with a reliable chemical test procedure and are a soultion to mitigate against vial delamination issues.

Follow this link for more information on SCHOTT Vials DC.

SCHOTT Vials DC are available in 2R, 4R, 6R, 8R and 10R sizes.

Transparent aerosol cans made from and inert Type I glass internal container with an outer polymer jacket. Suitable for pressurised aerosols affording quick and easy level control.

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